Our Trucks


Our flagship truck, where it all

began. Also known as big blue, we

keep the fryers gluten-free and

vegan to accommodate a wide

variety of dietary restrictions. At 28

feet long, it has the space, and

equipment available to make even

your wildest Event requests come

to life, at your own location


Optimus' right-hand man. Also

known as the purple guy. It's our

"fun" truck. Small in stature, but

big in personality. Bumblebee can

fit where other trucks cannot. The

fryer on Bumblebee is not gluten-free

or vegan, and can provide

full appetizer services, beer pair-

ings, grab-and-go wedding send-offs. There are no limitations on

this truck.

EMDM truck 3.png


The newest addition to our team is big in personality yet small in stature to fit  where Optimus cannot. Roller can provide everything Optimus can but specializes  in appetizers, beer pairings, wedding send-offs and grab-and-go sweets.